GamePlay Space

The community-driven organization dedicated to nurturing the success of video game developers and studios.
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What is gameplay space?

GamePlay Space is a community-driven organization in downtown Montreal. We aim to nurture the success of video game developers and studios by providing a multitude of relevant services which give them access to knowledge sharing, business opportunities, and a vibrant community.

We provide many services, including regular and annual events, networking opportunities, desk rentals, and more!

Become a member

Our members get access to various services, including regular and annual events, business opportunities, a community hub and support system, and much more!

events and programs

We have regular programming throughout the year covering different topics: from business strategy, leadership, project management, marketing, and HR, to everything you need to know when incorporating a studio, doing your accounting and taxes… and more! 

We also organize annual summits and showcase events to unite the community and run different programs.
Because everyone knows finding motivation, bouncing around ideas and sharing your excitement isn’t the same from home.

the space

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, the space is well positioned near Place-des-Arts metro station and McGill metro station. We’re right next to cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping centres, gyms… everything you need!

GamePlay Space also provides a dedicated coworking space with standard services and resources at affordable prices that foster a creative and encouraging environment for members to share ideas and build awesome games.

our partners

GamePlay Space wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing partners. Thank you for providing us with your awesome expertise, tools and services!

Resources & Policies

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