The GPS Vault

The Vault is a collection of videos and resources from our past events that are available to Peer members to watch and re-watch!
Here's some of what you'll find:

The Lunch & Learns

You missed a Lunch & Learn and would like to catch up?

You were at a Lunch & Learn but forgot to take notes?

Most of our Lunch & Learns will be available here to watch and re-watch as much as you want!

The summits

You missed BossaNova:MTL or Disco:MTL and wish you had been there?

You were there, but the speaker from that one talk was going so fast you didn't have time to write everything down?

Most of the talks from our summits will be available for you to catch up on!

What is gameplay space?

GamePlay Space is a community-driven organization in downtown Montreal. We aim to nurture the success of video game studios by providing a multitude of relevant services which give game developers access to knowledge sharing, opportunities, and a vibrant community.

We provide many service offerings, including regular and annual events, networking opportunities, desk rental, and more!
Instance is a Medium Rare UI Kit. View full range here.