GamePlay Space has different programs to help provide valuable information, activities and tools to our community, ensuring they have all the bases to reach success!
GamePlay Space has different programs to help provide valuable information, activities and tools to our community, ensuring they have all the bases to reach success!

Health & Wellness Program

Thanks to an MEI grant and our sponsors, we can run our Health and Wellness Program. With this initiative, we want to help people in the game dev industry take care of their mental and physical health. 

To support our community, we are running various events, such as lunch & learns, on different topics related to health and wellness, yoga, and stretch breaks. To find out more about these, check out our upcoming events

We are also providing members with other resources, such as access to mental health professionals, well-being consultants, and more; if you like to learn more about this, head to our membership page or contact us directly.  

We also invite you to visit our resources page to get a list of well-being and mental health resources! 

1-on-1 Health & Wellness coaching

As part of our Health & Wellness Program, GamePlay Space is proud to offer studios in our community access to coaches to address health & wellness needs. There are a limited number of spots, so studios will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as long as they meet all of the criteria.  

Coaching sessions

Each selected studio will be given up to 10 sessions with the consultant(s) of their choice to address health & wellness needs.

Topics include:

HR & studio culture help

  • Studio culture & wellness assessment
  • Creating teams
  • Diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Recruitment coaching/training

Employee wellbeing & retention

  • Employee wellness programs
  • Employee engagement
  • Mindfulness activities (1-on-1 or group) 
  • Group game for organizational development


  • Managing stressful situations
  • Conflict mediation
  • Leadership & development

... and more!

How to use your sessions

Studios can use all ten (10) sessions with one consultant or split it between two (2) maximum, depending on the needs of the studio. 

You can learn more about each of the available coaches and their services here.  

If you have someone you'd like to work with, we can see whether this is possible; however, please note that this is not guaranteed.


  • The studio must be based in Quebec (it's OK if you have remote employees elsewhere!)
  • The studio must be registered in Quebec.
  • One person at the studio must be a GamePlay Space Member (Community or Peer)
  • Topics discussed with the consultant must fit into the parameters of the health & wellness program (e.g. studio culture, staff wellbeing, employee engagement, Diversity & Inclusion).
  • The studio must commit to paying a portion of the consulting fee.
  • The studio must commit to providing us with the relevant information required by the MEI grant.
  • All sessions must be used by the end of 2022. 


Although we would like to offer this program for free, GamePlay Space is committed to covering 75% of the associated costs, totaling $1,500.  

The studio must pay a portion of the consultation fees. If your studio can’t afford to pay 25% ($375), you can opt to pay 10%. Similarly, if your studio can afford to pay more than 25%, we invite you to do so in order to help cover the fee of smaller studios and give them access to this initiative. 

>> We don’t want the fee to be a barrier to entry. If you can’t afford the fee, contact us! <<


Contact us at 

GamePlay Space’s Health and Well-Being program would not be possible without the generous support from the following partners.

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