We are ready to welcome you at GamePlay Space and are excited to have you back after a very long time apart.

In the context of the pandemic, we have had to put in place a series of different measures to ensure your safety and the safety of the GPS team. 

  • The Space is being cleaned everyday, including the desks, kitchen, restrooms, conference rooms and all of the surfaces that are likely to be touched during the day
  • We installed air purifiers in the conference rooms, where the airing system of the space is less efficient
  • We put some directives to follow around the space for safe cohabitation. 
  • We expect everyone coming to work from the space to be adequately vaccinated and will be asking for the vaccination passport.

We also need you to respect a few basic rules. Please read the following rules and make sure you understand and follow them as long as they are in place. Your collaboration is key to preserving everyone’s health and safety.

  1. If you are experiencing any sort of symptoms associated to COVID-19, even if they are very mild, please stay home so other members aren’t put at risk.
  1. Everyday you come into the space, make sure to scan your card on the card reader before you enter, even if the door has already been opened by another member. This will allow us to keep a register of the people in the space everyday.
  1. Wear a mask in the common areas of the building and of the space, when you get up from your desk and are moving around the space, or whenever you are interacting with another member without being able to keep a 2 meters distance. When you are sitting at your desk or in the kitchen eating, or in the conference room, you are welcome to take the mask off if you are seated at a 2 meters distance from other people. If the distance can’t be kept, you need to keep your masks on.
  1. The desks have been placed so everyone sits far enough away from each other as per the government's requirements and recommendations. Please don’t move the desks or sit at the desks that don’t have a chair. 
  1. There are hand sanitizer bottles hanging around in the space, and distributors at the doors. There is also soap in the kitchen and in the restrooms. Wash your hands regularly. 
  1. We leave cleaning products around the space for you to be able to clean a table or another surface before using it if you want that extra layer of protection, and to clean up after you use a common resource, like the conference rooms. Thank you for your help!
  1. The conference rooms capacity has been reduced and is indicated by the sign on the door. Don’t be more than the max capacity in the rooms. 
  1. You can invite outside people for meetings. We will check the vaccine status of your guests, and expect you to make sure they follow the rules inside the space and register with a member of the GPS staff upon arrival.
  1. Be respectful of others and their personal boundaries and level of comfort about interpersonal interaction (some of us are not ready to shake your hands or hug just yet, and that’s OK.)

Events in the space:

  1. We can have people in the space at full capacity for indoor events
  2. All participants are expected to be adequately vaccinated and to present a proof of vaccination upon arrival.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times during the event.
  4. Attendees must remain in their seets during the event.